Everyone sure knows the international non-government organization called the World Wildlife Fund; they focus on environmental and conservation projects that encompass over 100 countries and have support from nearly 5 million people world wide. And in the Philippines, a branch of this non-government organization has taken root here and focuses on consevation of various biomes like forests, freshwater ecosystems, and oceans and coasts.There are other concerns that also entail the preservation of endangered species, climate change, and pollution. Here in the Philippines, the WWF organization strives to inspire and give awareness to inividuals by donations, individual sponsorships, corporate engagements, and even volunteering opportunities.

Are you interested in getting invovled? Do you want to know what projects for the environment that you will be helping out or getting invovled in? There is a recent campaign where frontliner WWF Philippines staff is engaging different individuals’ everyday on helping out the conservation and preservation situation in the Philippine ecology and biodiversity. It’s like for a specific amount of pledge; you will be helping environment projects the WWF Philippines has. You can find these staff in frequented social areas like malls and commercial areas; you can ask them on what kind of help that you can contribute to the organization itself.

The Little Things Count on Helping out the Environment
Sometimes we take for granted our everyday living when it comes to perserving nature and the environment. We use plastic containers that are non-biodegradable, we consume more fossil fuels that contribute to increased carbon footprints that harm the atmosphere, natural rainforests are stripped off of trees and detriments like flooding occur. Here in the Philippines it is very evident that wwe do not take heed the issues encountered by our environment. WWF Philippines strives to make a call to action for many Filipinos to be more mindful of the environment and promote a more environment friendly lifestyle. In your little way, you can start by being aware of the items that you purchase in the grocery, take a look at how that product was produced and if it promotes being environment friendly. You can also minimize your transportation emissions by not using your automobile vehicle everyday and opt to commuting or just walking or riding a bike towards the place you will go if it is near the vicinity. These little things will truly be a big help along the way.

Other Information on the Current Conservation Approach
The other focus of the organization is to help restore various species and other animal groups to their natural ecosystem. This not only entails animal protection but also conserving the habitat and ecoregions like forests, basins, and other ecosystems. There’s also the consideration of protecting the native animals that are in the endangered species list like the Philippine Eagle and other rare animals that are in the Philippines. Keep in mind that the organization also works hand in hand with other entities and groups like government agencies, businesses, investment banks, scientists, local communities, and other non-government organizations. In light of this, public campaigns are deemed necessary to voice out the importance of environment friendly education to every individual.

Influence on Laws and Policy Making

Sometime national and international law play an important part in determining how natural environments and resources are managed and used. With priorities set by WWF Philippines, it can help constribute important laws and policies in conserving different parts of the Philippines. It is also instrumental in getting government’s consent in the future the protection of biodiversity and natural resources.

If you are an individual or a corporate entity looking to help the efforts of the World Wildlife Fund Philippines, make sure to keep in touch with staff and people concerned with the organization. This way, you will know what to do and know the ways to help out the organization in whatever way you can.